About us

Our primary focus is always to anticipate customer needs.
With our horizontally aligned organization, account executives are
empowered to work with representatives of every area of the company,
resulting in remarkably rapid responses to consumer needs.
And the uncompromising quality of KAWAJUN products
is a direct result of our open internal communication
and seamless operational and managerial processes.

Interior Hardware

KAWAJUN's line of decorative interior hardware products enhances
the creation of sophisticated living spaces.

KAWAJUN has built a loyal customer base for
our decorative interior hardware products.
Sophisticated design augments the highest quality materials,
production techniques and finishes to produce
a standard of durability that exceeds
the most stringent customer specifications.
In addition, aesthetic considerations and
universal usability are designed into all of our products.
KAWAJUN continues to deliver the high quality
demanded for today’s increasingly individualized living spaces.

Finish and Color

Realization possible because it is KAWAJUN
This is our art, backed by more than 65 years of history, reliable technique and a determination to our craftsmanship.
KAWAJUN offers design-oriented interior hardware products for sophisticated residential spaces.
Boasting sophisticated design and unrivaled quality, KAWAJUN’s decorative interior hardware products have built a loyal worldwide base of customers who recognize our commitment to maintaining standards that far exceed the norm. We select only the best materials
available, manufacturing and finishing them with meticulous craftsmanship.
KAWAJUN products are designed to be both aesthetically striking, universally practical and convenient. We continue to deliver the level of quality demanded by the increasingly individualized market for decorative interior hardware.

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