Apart from our Lever Handles being offered in luxurious finishes, the Blasted Black finish is being offered in a select series as well.
With an Aluminium base, the stark Black Interior Hardware is intended to stand out in modern interior settings, presenting a contrast, that is both fresh and tasteful.

PA69 is an Edge Pull Handle comprising of an anodized Aluminium Body with a polished Brass trim.
Several finishes are paired with PA69’s sleek and modern design, to enhance the desired ambience for interiors.

WB is a Lever Handle that features Aluminium Textured Grips with a Brass Base.
Both the grip and base of the Lever Handle is offered in a series of finishes to encourage various pairings for a more personalized touch.
Through the contrast of materials, texture and color, WB blends modern simplicity with the classic definition of luxury.