The Aquline collection our bathroom fittings collection, is an expression of returning to nature.
Nature as the physical world collectively as well as the innate quality of an individual.
It is in our nature to want to clean ourselves regularly. Often times, in luxury.

The Aquline collection was developed to reimagine what it would be like to clean in nature.
The silhouttes of the collection are an abstract on branches and stubs that are commonplace in nature.
The collection's handles, grips, bars and hooks are strong and sturdy, much like their natural counterparts.

Our finish options for this collection offers an intriguing spectrum of choice.
Being influenced by nature, we envision two approaches to the selection of the finishes.
To further enhance it's essence, we offer textured grips that create an abstract relation to the texture of tree barks.
On the other hand, to emphasize on the abstract nature of the design, we offer glistening metal finishes that exemplify the luxurious nature of our products.