The Arkitektonic Collection was inspired by Cantilever Architecture in which balance was a key element. Cantilever Architecture, challenges our perception of what it means for a structure to be balanced. In the same way, the collection's goal was to achieve balance through tactility and contrast.

We strived to imbue the sense of balance by curating material pairings to match the architectural nature of the collection's design. The feature angle of the designs would be softened by organic material choices such as wood and leather. The collection was able to evoke
a sense of balance by countering the robust metal surfaces with the warmth of the organic materials.
Boasting a wide range of finishes, we also showcased a pure metal option where we created contrast through the use of our etched patterns. Staying true to our theme, this particular pairing was one that offered the sense of structure through the material while creating warmth through the subtle texture of the grips.

Having a wide array of colors allowed us to create a collection that encourages play on the varying degrees of balance; soft and hard surfaces, dark and light, rough and smooth.