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2023 New Products

01 Through the wrought iron manufacturing process, we are able to arrive at the robust yet intricate textures when applied to our door pull handles.
Our Wrought Iron Door Pull Handle range seeks to introduce and embrace naturally occuring elements to set the tone for entryways.

02 Hammering techniques have been used in metalworks through the ages. While spacial designs have been getting simpler with time,
we find ourselves looking at other decorative aspects to create interest within a space.
Our Hammered Door Pull Handles provide this element of interest through subtle detail of hammered textures applied onto otherwise geometrical silhouttes.

03 Understanding the interaction through surfaces and the ever-increasing concern of hygiene, our VIRUTECH Door Pull Handles address this concern while retaining
elegant material finishes. The VIRUTECH range boasts anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that stops 99% of viruses and bacteria from adhering to surfaces of contact.
VIRUTECH is available in lavish wooden and masonry style finishes that is sure to suit your space, while keeping it safe and clean.

04 Looking back on our heritage, craft and tradition has influenced the way we live and interact with objects and spaces.
We would like to introduce our Urushi Door Pull Handle range that applies traditional Japanese craft techniques to modern interior hardware.
Urushi is a traditional Japanese lacquer that exudes a charm of warmth through its glossy shades and elegant textures.
By applying it to grip surfaces, an entryway is not only elevated by the visual, but also through the sense of touch.